Wednesday, January 3, 2007

My self

My name is cristine s johnson.I live in Canelar Golden Shower,Zamboanga City.I'am 14 years old,my birthday on DEc 27,1992.we are 4 in the family i'am the youngests,my brother is ronald s johnson he works at Zenith Construction Father name is Diosdado L. Johnson he is a bodegero.My mother name is Carla S. Johnson she is a baby sitter she works in the Zragosa family.
I love to watch movie like comedyand love story.I love to watch anime especially the samuria x and lots of favorite movie is harry potter.My favorite food is spagetthi,humbergerand chicken joy.My hobbies is playing piano with my friends.
My happies moment in the life is to meet all the lds,and to be a member of church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.and when I go to temple with my friends to make sacred ordinences like baptism for the death.I always play with my friend name Kristine kay D Miguel.My ambition is to be a succesful teacher someday and to endure to the end.....